The lifestyle of The $200k Writer is closer than you think

“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” — Master Yoda

What is keeping you from becoming a $200k writer?

What do the top 1% of writers do that the other 99%…

To follow your gut, you need a map. Here’s how to draw one.

I made a commitment to follow my gut and find something worth doing.

It took a lot of self-awareness and conversations with people closest to me, but I gave myself orders to go on a journey: find what I love doing, as fast as possible — at all costs.


Richard Dykes on Unsplash

Monumental art is accidental.

Art isn’t found by creating. Art is found once you get all the junk out. Garbage is endemic to our condition. It’s the first thing we all produce. Our first drafts, our first ideas, our first thoughts are all trash. Picasso made about 50,000 pieces of…

Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

In the old world, a memo (or memorandum, meaning “reminder”) communicated:

  • policies
  • procedures
  • related official business within an organization

A memo is a written form of content broadcasted to a large audience, rather than a 1:1 conversation. By in large, they’re unfocused, off-topic, and boring as hell. As a communication…

Mega Caesaria on Unsplash

We call this exercise pulling threads.

Remember back to a time when you pulled that string out of your sweatshirt? Wasn’t the thread much longer than you might’ve thought?

That’s how I like to visualize my best ideas. I imagine them working themselves out of my head and I have…

Nick Saban knows winning.

But, like many coaches in the upper echelon of their field, he’s become disconnected from the result.

Every summer as camp begins, he repeats this to his players:

*“Don’t think about winning the SEC Championship. Don’t think about the national championship. Think about what you needed…

Jake Belford

I’m the tall, friendly dude you met one time at the airport bar.

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